October 25, 2014
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Wood Stove Gasket (Standard Sizes)

Product #: GASKET

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Wood Stove Door Gasket
Pre-cut length of knit braided fiberglass gasket. Withstands 1000 degrees on a continuous basis. Gaskets should be replaced yearly to assure a tight door seal for longer burn times on wood burning stoves. Available in round or flat tape style.

What size do I need?

* Remove the old gasket from your stove and determine whether you need flat (tape) gasket or round gasket. Measure the width of the gasket to replace with the same size.

* If there's no old gasketing material to use for comparison, measure the channel in the door or door frame to determine the size needed.

* If your stove didn't previously use gasketing and the doors no longer seal properly, opt for a tape gasketing in  small thickness.
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