April 18, 2014
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Sophisticate Blow Poke
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Product #: 151-

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SOPHISTICATE Blow Poke Firetool
The first real innovation in blow poke design since 1941!

  • Hollow tube is made from the same materials used in racing bicyles. Strong and durable, yet lightweight. Easy to handle, designed to lift logs up to 50 lbs.
  • The mouthpiece is the same type used on fine musical instruments. Comfortable on the lips and maximizes the power of your breath when blowing sparks and coals to create a flame.
  • The poker tang tip has serated edges for better leverage when adjusting logs in the fire.
  • Available in 6 contemporary finishes
  • 41" long
Blow Poke Finish:
Black 151-BLKBP Black 151-BLKBP $88.00
Vintage Iron 151-VINTIRONBP Vintage Iron 151-VINTIRONBP $88.00
Rust 151-RUSTBP Rust 151-RUSTBP $88.00
Brass 151-BRASSBP Brass 151-BRASSBP $88.00
Polished Nickel 151-PNBP Polished Nickel 151-PNBP $88.00
Brushed Nickel 151-BNBP Brushed Nickel 151-BNBP $98.00
Price: $88.00 Qty:
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