April 16, 2014
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Electrified GEORGIAN Fireplace Basket Grate (no heat)
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Product #: 018-C1905/20CL-OAK

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GEORGIAN FIREPLACE GRATE with ELECTRIC CRACKLING LOGS Vintage style! Authentic, heavy cast iron fireplace grate with Georgian style fireback with 20"crackling electric logs. Decorative only, no heat. The cast iron grate measures 22" front width, 21" rear width, 21" tall, 12" deep, 68 lbs. Brand, style & log arrangement may vary from photo since real logs are used in their construction. SIMPLE SETUP - assemble the cast iron grate, place electric logs inside the grate, plug in and enjoy!

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Electric Logs with Crackling Fire Effect Electric Logs with Crackling Fire Effect
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