December 19, 2014
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SHERIDAN Electric Suite


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Classic Arch

Windsor Black

Windsor Polished

SHERIDAN Mantel with Cast Iron Arched Electric Fireplace
By combining our hand-carved Sheridan cabinet mantel in vintage cherry finish PLUS an arched cast iron surround, and the Vision electric insert, we've created an truly fabulous fireplace with a vintage style. You'll find no electric fireplace anywhere that compares in style and quality!

Customize your look with the cast iron surrounds shown right.

Sheridan Cabinet Mantel $1499
Windsor or Classic Arch Cast Iron Front $899
Vision Electric Fireplace with Trim $758

Total $3156 PACKAGE PRICE $2699 (SAVE $457!)

Outside Height 48"-Outside Width 46-1/2"
Depth at Base 7-1/2"
Shelf Length 52"-Shelf Depth 9-1/2"

Front Style:
Price: $2,798.00 Qty:
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